This listing is for a two ounce jar of our Anti aging and Repairing Purple Brazilian Clay Mask with Hibiscus Flower. This beautiful and gentle clay gets its purple color from its high presence of Magnesium. Use this mask weekly to protect your skin from external damage, regulate cellular regeneration, repair and calm acne and Rosacea, gently remove impurities and toxins, while nourishing and refreshing your skin.

To use simply add around a teaspoon of the clay mixture into a separate bowl and mix with water until you get the consistency you like. Apply the mixture to your face avoiding sensitive areas around your eyes and mouth. Let sit for about 30 minutes or until completely dry. Next wash off with warm water using your hands or a wash cloth while making gentle circular motions. Afterwards you should apply a natural oil based moisturizer or serum.


Antiaging Purple Brazilian Clay Mask with Hibiscus Flower