This listing is for a 2 oz glass jar of a herbal healing salve made with Calendula and Blue Chamomile. It is a heal all salve and safe for all skin types and gentle enough for babies and children of all ages. It is preservative free and completely natural, and has a shelf life of 1-3 years if properly stored in a cool and dry place. This is the type of salve every one should have around the house as it has so many uses!

-Use as a relaxing salve for your little one when its time to calm down and get ready to sleep
- Use as a natural remedy for diaper rash
- keep in your first aid kit just in case of burns, allergic reactions, or cuts
- use as a daily lotion, or for soothing eczema relief

Calendula is known for its amazing healing abilities, it can be used for all sorts of skin ailments such as Eczema, diaper rash, acne, swelling, sunburn, stings, cold sores, burns, wounds, rashes, and even chicken pox. Its is very soothing on the skin and has a pleasant and relaxing aroma.

Blue Chamomile is also added into this salve because it is incredible at eliminating inflammation and is extremely soothing. The aroma is very calming and is perfect as a nice chest rub for babies just before nap or bed time. It makes a great addition to this salve especially for those who will use it for diaper rash on their little one.

Bees wax is not just added as an emulsifier but also because of its skin healing abilities as well. It is high in Vitamin A, helps moisturize your skin and also promotes cell regeneration.

Grape seed oil is full of vitamins and nutrients that your skin needs to stay healthy and moisturized. It is a great addition to this salve as it aids in the healing process and also repairs dry and damaged skin. It is a light weight oil and does not clog pores, it is also known to fade the appearance of scars.

Calendula Healing Salve with Blue Chamomile