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This listing is for a 2 oz jar of our detox bentonite clay mask, a great product easily added to your weekly skincare routine, man or woman.

This is a natural clay mask that will detox your skin and draw out dirt, oil, and other toxins, leaving you with radiant soft skin with a much cleaner and even complexion. If you are currently struggling with blemishes due to wearing face coverings, this is an effective and natural product you should consider.

Bentonite clay:
-Removes impurities from the skin
-Reduces the look of blemishes and dark spots
-soothes inflammation

Rose hip seed powder:
-stimulates collagen production
-treats inflammation and redness
-brightens and moisturizes skin
-protects against UV damage and dark spots

Cucumber seed powder:
-full of antioxidants
-gives your skin a young radiant glow
-moisturizes your skin
-reduces swelling and inflammation

Use weekly to exfoliate and remove toxins that are trapped deep in the pores of your face. This jar comes with about 12 weeks worth of the mask.

I suggest doing a patch test on your hand prior to using for the first time Incase of any allergies.

Simply add about one teaspoon of clay and extracts with a small amount of water until consistency desired.

Never use any metal dishes with the clay as it will reverse its pulling ability.

Apply to a clean face (no make up) and let dry for around 20-30 mins. Rinse off and moisturize immediately after. If your face is a bit red after do not worry, that just means the clay did it’s job.

Detox Clay Mask

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