This is a hair growth as well as hair repair oil

The reason this hair oil is so great is because it is so versatile.

Use weekly as a scalp treatment to promote natural hair growth in spots where you could use a little help. Apply to thinning areas and wash out after 30-45 mins.

If your hair is damaged or dry apply to entire head of hair once a week and wash out after 45 mins.

Or simply use a small dime size daily in damp or dry hair before your usual styling. This will condition your hair and help prevent breakage and split ends.

Remember these are all natural ingredients and you must be patient to see the results you are looking for. You will see an immediate difference with the hair treatment, the hair growth will take a little more time.

-Promotes new hair growth, and prevents hair fall by increasing circulation to the scalp.
-anti fungal: clarifies the scalp and helps treat dandruff and dry scalp.
- prevents premature grey hairs

-promotes new hair growth by generating the growth of new cells
-moisturizes your hair
-the aroma of the lavender is also very calming and relaxing
-anti inflammatory: helps treat dry and itch scalp and reduce dandruff
-strengthens your hair

Castor oil:
-moisturizes your hair
promotes new hair growth

Coconut oil:
-nourishes the scalp and helps prevent sebum build up from hair follicles
-promotes hair growth
-protects against damage by preventing protein loss
-contains a fatty acid called Lauric acid which is absorbed deep into the hair shaft.

Vitamin E:
-protects against damage and breakage
-antioxidant that keeps your scalp healthy and reduces the amount of oxidative stress that can cause unhealthy hair
-promotes shine
-reduces frizz
-improves scalp circulation
-helps balance the scalp and maintain oil production

Hair Growth & Repair Serum