Hyaluronic acid with Rose, Silk, and Bamboo extract.

When it comes to this serum, the benefits are endless. If you are looking for an effective yet gentle serum for your face this is definitely a great option.

If you have never used Rose on your skin before you are in for quite the treat. Other that the fact that the aroma of Rose is the favorite of many, the skin benefits are also quite amazing as well. Rose is actually quite known to be extremely moisturizing to the skin, and did you know it can shrink pores? It is quite an effective toner because of these reasons.

The Silk in this serum is of course super moisturizing as well and will improve your skins texture.

Bamboo extract is used in skincare to help promote better collagen production in your skin, one of the key factors to having younger looking skin.

Hyaluronic Acid seems to be one of the newest trends in anti aging skincare products, and for good reason! If you have yet to try it, you may be pleasantly surprised by its ability to plump your skin and eliminate the appearance of any lines or wrinkles.

This listing is for a 15 ML dropper bottle. A lot goes a long way with this serum as you only need a few drops for your entire face and neck.

Simply wash your face as you normally would, while your skin is still damp apply a small amount of the serum. Once the serum has soaked in immediately apply your moisturizer.

It is VITAL that you use a moisturizer immediately after, other wise you will not get the results intended.

For a double Collagen boost try it with the vitamin C brightening serum

Rose Collagen boosting Serum with Hyaluronic Acid