This is a soap free cleansing bar made from natural ingredients, created to gently cleanse while removing impurities and deeply nourishing your skin. We created this bar using clay, mixed with exfoliating plant extracts, oils and butter as a way to cleanse your face with out using a soap or face wash that strips away your natural oils or messes with your skins PH.

To use simply break a small dime size amount (with clean and dry hands) and rotate in circular motions on your damp face. Wash off with warm water using your hands or a wash cloth. Pat your face dry and apply your favorite natural moisturizer or facial serum. We suggest pairing with our Vitamin c Serum.

There are zero preservatives and no surfactant in this cleansing bar. Please ensure you do not leave this bar where it will get wet, it will dissolve if left sitting in water. If used correctly the bar will last you 2-3 months.


Soap Free Cleansing Bar